User Tips: It's Easy!

User Tips: It's Easy! Install in Under 1 minute.

  1. Secure Plant Knight to the ground around the tree or plant being protected with the enclosed stakes.  *** Water the ground if necessary to make inserting the stakes easier ***
  2. IMPORTANT: Tightly join the loose upper corner edge to the Plant Knight with the enclosed locking clips.  (This prevents the loose edge from getting tangled with string trimmers.)
  3.  The Plant Knight should not touch the trunk or the plant stem it is protecting.  This ensures a safe distance between the plant and gardening equipment.
  4.  Use two or more Plant Knights to protect larger trees.  Simply stake the first Plant Knight around the partial perimeter of the tree you want to protect.  Stake additional Plant Knights until the tree trunk is encircled.  Use the enclosed locking clips to secure all exposed loose top corners.​