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The Plant Knight® was created by Mark Eshelman, the inventor of the best selling Planket®, the premier solution for protecting plants against freezing temperatures.  Mark assembled a team of troublemakers, supermodels, and ne'er-do-wells who, like him, share a passion for improving on the status quo and delighting customers.  With his team in place and his design finalized, the Plant Knight® was introduced and has quickly become the standard for tree and plant protection.  

We hope you will find the Plant Knight® to be an effective tool in protecting the investment you have made in your trees and plants.

At Plant Knight®. we're a small, family/friend business. We are entrepreneurs, looking to create new products that are helpful to customers across the U.S. and beyond. That's why we brought you the Plant Knight®! There's nothing else like it. 

We are human and mistakes happen. Please drop us a note if you've had an issue or a suggestion. We also to love to see photos of the Plant Knight® protecting your... whatever! Fill out the form or email us at:

Cheers! ~Mark