Plant Knight is the most effective, versatile plant and tree guard on the market. With 360 protection secured by a clip and anchored by 4 stakes, Plant Knight protects your precious trees, saplings, plants, posts, landscape lights and more from weed trimmers, mowers, critters and more! 

Featured in the Arbor Day Foundation's "The Tree Book" as the solution for sapling protection!

Protecting your trees and plants from marauding lawn equipment and some pesky critters


38 sec install

Trimmer vs Plant Knight



The Plant Knight was created by Mark Eshelman, the inventor of the best selling Planket, the premier solution for protecting plants against freezing temperatures.  Mark assembled a team of troublemakers, supermodels, and ne'er-do-wells who, like him, share a passion for improving on the status quo and delighting customers.  With his team in place and his design finalized, the Plant Knight was introduced and has quickly become the standard for tree and plant protection.  

We hope you will find the Plant Knight to be an effective tool in protecting the investment you have made in your trees and plants.


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Both green and black models come with locking clips. 

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Designed in Austin, TX

Manufactured in Chicago, IL

Tel: 512-751-6331

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